Why make IT harder than it needs to be?

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ITOMagic, IT Operations made easy, IT solutions for small businesses

ITOMagic, IT Operations made easy

Technology, especially enterprise level technology, changes fast! Corporations are constantly looking for faster and more efficient ways to build and deliver products to customers and reduce time to market. This is evident not only in the Public Cloud adoption and transition that has been underway for quite some time, but also with SaaS offerings for products ranging from ITSM solutions to Network Security and API management.

One theme that seems to be true in many organizations I have encountered is that all of the underlying technology and platforms seem to move much faster than the tools the organizations attempt to use to monitor and manage them. This has always seemed backwards to me. Would you buy a brand new Ferrari without having insurance, or take it to a “shade tree mechanic” that hasn’t worked on anything besides 25+ year old pickups? I would hope the answer is no, yet that is what organizations are doing when they role out the latest and greatest platforms and applications and leave their ITOM solutions with legacy vendors.
Most of us in IT know who the Legacy vendors are, they are the same ones that have been in the market for 30 years and typically follow the same approach to improving their platforms and applications. That approach usually involves buying up and coming tools from other smaller vendors, spending the next several years working on integrating the new tool instead of improving it to stay up with current trends and capabilities and ultimately delivering a half baked assortment of sloppily integrated applications. This ends up putting a whole lot of overhead on the customers from several perspectives: 1. too many integrations to attempt to keep straight and useful. 2. A lot of physical hardware needed to scale in larger enterprises. 3. A connect the dots effort needed to roadmap out upgrades and enhancements. 4 More people needed to manage the space than what should be required. These all lead to a much higher TCO than what IT Leaders are really prepared for and ultimately willing to accept.
There are many more modern vendors and solutions available in the ITOM and AIOps space that are more flexible, scalable and capable than there was 10 – 15 years ago. My hope is that more large corporations start to leverage these technologies and move away from failed legacy providers to help drive even more efficient and effective solutions moving forward. It comes down to prioritizing things properly! If you want to build and adopt modern customer facing platform and applications you need to have the appropriate tools to ensure they are providing the proper levels of availability, performance and usability customers expect. You must have the right tools to identify, remediate (automatically whenever possible) and escalate (when needed) to ensure your success.
Do not buy a Ferrari and expect your mechanic that was on the factory line when the first Model T rolled out and has not progressed since, to keep it running properly. ITOM and AIOps considerations MUST be part of the planning and adoption phases, otherwise you are handicapping your Operations teams. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more!

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